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The project welcomes Tom Word, well-known to all bird dog and field trial enthusiasts for his wonderful field trial stories. Tom will be a great help to the project assisiting with the editing. The project members would like to welcome Tom!

Congradulations to owners Butch Houston and John Dorminy and handler Robin Gates for their marvelous historical achievement — winning the 2013 and 2014 National Championship with English setter Shadow Oak Bo!

The National Championship Sequel Book project continues to forge forward
although the progress has not been as rapid or as easy as both Barbara and
Brad originally anticipated. The original intention was for both of these
books to be written in a little different style than the first two original
volumes which were authored by Bill Brown & Nash Buckingham. Both of those
books were more a rewrite of the American Fields report on the event. Both
Barbara and Brad have been committed to weaving into each chapter more of
the background on each dog as well as what transpired during the actual
running. The extensive research needed to accomplish this task has resulted
in more time than either writer anticipated.

Both volumes are steadily progressing. Both writers report that a number of
chapters are completed and many more have been roughed out with much of the
research done to date!

Thanks to painter Ross Young for creating the beautiful drawing on the home and contact pages of this website.