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Two books covering the National Championship have been previously produced. The first covered the years from 1896 through 1955. This book, published in 1955, was co-authored by Nash Buckingham and William Brown. The second book, published in 1966 and written entirely by William Brown, covered the years 1956 through 1966. Plans were for future books to be written at ten year intervals. For a multitude of reasons, this task was never completed.

In recent years a number of people in the bird dog fraternity have expressed interest in having a sequel volume on the National Championship written. Wilson Dunn, a name closely associated with this Grand Junction classic for more than 50 years, also had a personal interest in seeing this project completed. Wilson’s dog, Dunn’s Fearless Bud, won the Championship in 1990 and competed for a number of additional years. After discussions with Blake Kukar, Wilson and Blake teamed together to raise the needed funds to insure the books will be completed and published in the quality befitting their importance. Wilson is a master fund raiser. Proof of his ability exists in the fact that Wilson was very instrumental in raising the needed money to establish the Bird Dog Museum. Blake Kukar brings great enthusiasm, management skills and sound financial leadership to the team.

It was soon decided that two volumes would be required to cover the 40 years that will have transpired from 1967 through the 2007 running. Barbara Teare has consented to write the volume that covers 1967 through 1987. In 1988 Brad Harter started a project to videotape the entire running of each renewal and to produce a highlights videotape featuring the Champion as well as all the major contenders. Brad has agreed to write the second volume. This book will cover the second 20 years during which he will have videotaped the Championship, concluding with the 2007 running. Wilson, Blake, Barbara and Brad have added a fifth member to the team with the addition of Chris Mathan. Chris is a graphic/website designer and photographer. Her contribution will be helping with the book design and upkeep of the website. The Project welcomes Tom Word who has offered to assist with the editing. Tom is well-known to bird dog enthusiasts around the country who enjoy his wonderful stories about field trials and field trial characters.